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Great montages. would love if you would check us out and give feedback.

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ether Cazii

New Here
Hey guys this isn't really a new channel but were new to forums. I have a clan on youtube that is mainly dedicated to sniping and we love making montages. Our editing is getting exponentially better because of how much work we put into editing and our standards are raising. we haven't posted much in the past but we're changing that now. we're a small clan of friends that loves to make montages. we have 2 editors, myself and another friend of mine and it is personally one of my favorite things to do. we currently have about 300 or more subs, almost all of which love our editing and montages. An example of our best clips are a triple head shot collateral in black ops or a quad collateral in mw3. we really enjoy putting time and effort into our products and we believe in quality over quantity. we also love seeing our hard work turn out so well and liked by people so you can be assured we don't do a sloppy job. we use expensive after effects programs and 3d programs to also assure even better quality. If you would like to check us out we welcome you to watch a couple of our montages at

EtherSniping on youtube

If you do visit us we would appreciate some honest feed back and any ideas or things you guys would like us to post. Thank you

by the way our finals are almost done so we will be providing tons of quality video this summer with new ideas and good quality.

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