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The Corporation- Gaming Channel Search Engine

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1The Corporation- Gaming Channel Search Engine Empty The Corporation- Gaming Channel Search Engine on Mon May 11, 2015 3:41 pm


New Here
Hi Guys,
Here to introduce The Corporation. I've noticed new Gaming channels are made quite frequently on Youtube. As we all know, it can be very difficult to get subscribers & views.
So I've decided to not only dedicate my channel to gaming footage & commentary, but it will also be a search engine primarily for NEW Gaming Channels or Gaming channels that are climbing up the ladder to getting a bigger fan base. Channels with as little as 2 subscribers to 90,000. I want to focus primarily on the lower digits. If we all work together, we can get more known. Think of it as Project Mayhem from Fight club.

So next week, I am going to be creating a video that targets gaming channels that fall under this description & it will contribute to helping getting more "Exposure". Main goal on getting more subscribers & a higher view count. How will this work? You will find out in the video next week when I upload. As well, multiple prizes will be involved. Can vary from headsets, gaming capture devices, mic's, etc.

Thank you all.

The Corporation

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