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ChaoTiiC is here repping KmS* Media!!

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1ChaoTiiC is here repping KmS* Media!! Empty ChaoTiiC is here repping KmS* Media!! on Mon Feb 21, 2011 11:18 am


Double Digits
Here I am... The co-leader to a rather massive gaming community. We are known as Killers move Silently. We are a call of duty gaming community that will be branching out into KZ3. We are PS3 only and are stationed globally.

If you are interested in joining our community, visit to register.

I am also here to bring more to this community. It looks as if it's fairly new.

I am currently working on a sponsor site for youtube (much like machinima or flat|line|editing). This site is known as KmS* Media!

For all information, visit

Currently I have 20+ videos on our site.. and am looking to expand to the masses.

I am also looking for some possible help from this community, such as an editor or someone who could be a "director of operations" of sort. Please do not hesitate to ask!!

Hope to see you around
signed ;

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